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Dental Implants V.S. Traditional Denture


Traditional Denture
Pros: Traditioan denture treatment is easy; economic, and time-saving.

a.It usually adopts a removable denture or bridge, but by sacrificing the two healthy teeth beside.
b.Traditional denture is prone to complications such as difficulty to clean, resulted in tooth decay, gum disease, etc.
c.It’s inconvenient to take off the metal bracket everyday as it gives an ugly appearance.
d.It’s easy to get loose and not practical of chewing.

A set of faulty-designed false teeth may lead to lots of troubles rather than solve the problems, although it may saves money and time.


Dental Implant
a.There is no need to grind the two natural teeth to fix the denture.
b.The lifelike denture makes the patients be more confident.
c.It can improve the chewing and biting function.
d.In comparison to traditional denture, it can be kept clean in exactly the same way as your natural teeth and doesn’t collect residual food.
e.It’s more stable than removable denture and there’s no worries on whether it will get fall or loose.

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