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The name of dental implant is very vivid in describing the artificial dental root being planted into jaw bone to replace missing teeth. The artificial dental root is made from pure titanium, the most compatible material with human body’s affinities. After integrated with the host bone, it behaves just like natural teeth. It can endure fairly big bite force and resume the chewing function. Dental implants are the closest alternative to your natural teeth. They look, feel and function alike.

Implant dentistry has made great advances in recent years expanding the capabilities and techniques dental restoration. In comparison to more conventional solutions such as crowns, bridges and dentures,dental implants are more successful and last longer. It relieves edentulous patients from traditional denture embarrassment and inconvenience and allows the patients to regain their confident life.


Traditional Denture
Pros: Traditioan denture treatment is easy; economic, and time-saving.

a.It usually adopts a removable denture or bridge, but by sacrificing the two healthy teeth beside.
b.Traditional denture is prone to complications such as difficulty to clean, resulted in tooth decay, gum disease, etc.
c.It’s inconvenient to take off the metal bracket everyday as it gives an ugly appearance.
d.It’s easy to get loose and not practical of chewing.

A set of faulty-designed false teeth may lead to lots of troubles rather than solve the problems, although it may saves money and time.


Dental Implant
a.There is no need to grind the two natural teeth to fix the denture.
b.The lifelike denture makes the patients be more confident.
c.It can improve the chewing and biting function.
d.In comparison to traditional denture, it can be kept clean in exactly the same way as your natural teeth and doesn’t collect residual food.
e.It’s more stable than removable denture and there’s no worries on whether it will get fall or loose.


I ).Single Tooth Missing :
Traditionally, two teeth beside the dropped one need to be grinded in order to build the tooth crown and bridge. However, people could choose to have single tooth dental implant without affecting the two natural teeth beside.

II).A Few Teeth Missing:
Patients who do not want removable false teeth, regardless of whether there is a healthy tooth before of after the missing tooth, could choose to have an artificial dental root implanted to fix the denture.

III).All Teeth Missing:
Patients with removable false teeth, but who are unable to get sued to it or who encounter loose teeth, shaky teath or the inability to properly chew food, can consider having dental implants.


Local anesthesia is enough for dental implant and the pain degree is the same as tooth extraction. The only difference is that implant surgery takes more time because of its precision.

Step1:An artificial dental root is implanted.

Step2:Once the implant has been placed, it is left to heal and integrate with the jawbone.

Step3:The restored crown is fixed on the implant.


After the implant is placed, a healing period between two to six months is needed for the implant to integrated with the jawbones.After that, the implant crown can be fixed on.

The time for the whole procedure is difficult to tell depending on each patient’s situation.


It is very important to pay attention to the dental care after the dental implant surgery! Although the implanted restoration cannot be decayed, periodontal diseases are still possible. Therefore, it’s of great importance to maintain the dental hygiene by using toothbrush,dental floss, etc.

It is a must to have regular dental examinations,as the dental implant will last longer if there is routine examination and regular maintenance.

Swelling may occur after the surgery which is quite normal. It will disappear quickly under the condition that the patient does on-time subsequent visits and takes the prescribed medicine.


Any person with missing teeth can consider having dental implants. In general, there is no limit in age or gender for surgery, as long as the adult’s health condition allows it. The surgery is good news for old people with a few teeth missing. They can have better choice than conventional solutions. Before surgery, Dentists will give suggestions by examing and assessing each patient’s oral conditions.

However,implant is not suitable for teenagers whose jawbones have not thoroughly developed yet.


Circumstances where implants may not be suitable include:
-those with severe diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease,osteoporosis, and infectious diseases.
-patients with cancer receiving head and neck radio therapy.
-patients with blood coagulation disorders.

Dental implant needs to be cleaned and checked regularly just like your own natural teeth. A good dental hygiene and chewing habit can prolong the life of dental implant. The implant-supported teeth can still be damaged by heavy smoking or trauma and affected by poor oral hygiene.

A successful implant can last for more than ten years if it’s treated well.


Dental implants have been used for over 40 years to replace missing teeth. In 1996 alone, there were more than 300,000 dental implants performed in the USA, which proves that it is a reliable treatment with a high success rate. Up to now, millions of patients worldwide have successfully received dental implants.

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