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Believing every one wants to have a beautiful smiling face. No matter where you are, in a social environment or at work, a healthy and brilliant smile will give you a bit more confidence.

During the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of people interested in orthodontic treatment. Cosmetic therapy is no longer the exclusive domain of the plastic surgeons. Orthodontists are now helping patients to reclaim their normal smile from another aspect.

Nowadays, medical therapy is not limited solely to physical health; emotional health is also being cared for. It is found out that, when physical appearance is normalized, the self-confidence is uplifted as well using braces to straighten your teeth may well be just what you need to change your countenance and life out look: when your teeth, lips and jawbones are rearranged back to their proper position both function and form are corrected. Everyone, form children to the aged, can be benefited by modern orthodontic treatment.


The golden time for braces refers to the growing period in childhood (when kids begin to change teeth). During this time, the least effort may lead to the best therapeutic efficacy. That’s why we call it the “golden time for orthodontic treatment”. Owing to the modern medical science and the better nutrition nowadays, life span has lengthened, as long as there is no serious gum disease, the elderly ones can have their teeth straightened as well. What’s more, the time they need to align their teeth is not necessarily much longer than the younger ones


Braces can be either fixed or removable. Fixed type is subdivided into: stainless steal, clear type, and lingual.


1. Stainless steal: It is restlenl and durable except that it is less esthetic.
2. Clear type: Less visible, adult usually choose this for esthetic purpose. It is made of composite, ceramic or crystal.
3. Lingual: For those who are always under the limelight, but it is very difficult to tolerate and extremely hard to adjust, besides being the most painful one.


With the conventional type of braces, there will be 3 to 4 days of tenderness and sorness.soft diet is advised for this period; after a few days, you can go back to your normal diet. But it is advice to slice more though foodstuff to avoid heavy biting with your front teeth. This phenomena is greatly reduced by you choose the high-teeth braces.

Due to the thickness of the braces, you may feel some “foreign object”in your mouth. Your dentist will prepare you some wax strips, smearing it over the brace will minimize this discomfort.

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