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Once mentioned of taking children to the dentist, many parents would expect the images of blood and tears with drilling sounds and crying.
In fact, those smart moms are really capable of avoiding this unhappy situation. Let’s take babies to the dentists to have an overall teeth examination when their teeth are healthy to refuse any pain and fear and establish a happy relationship between babies and dentists.

Preparations for the first time going to the dentist:
Before taking babies to the dentist, moms should tell babies the reason of seeing the dentist and how it’s going on. During their childhood, moms should take them to have teeth examinations regularly by a friendly dentist in a warm and cozy clinic in order to give the babies a relax and happy impression.
It’s also very important to respect babies feeling. Please don’t lie to children by telling them it’s not painful at all. Parents should describe the feeling of teeth checking correctly and make the children have mental preparation. If children feel not comfortable and begin to cry, moms shouldn’t criticize them by saying they are not brave at all. Please express your understanding and share with them the uncomfortable feelings children are suffering. Any way, it’s of great importance to support and encourage children when establishing a good relationship between children and dentists.

STEP 1: Show the child around the environment of the clinic when arriving and introduce doctors and nurses to eliminate the strangeness and stress.
Mom’s encouragement:Look, baby! There is a huge chair in this room and uncle doctors and auntie nurses have prepared interesting toys for you.
STEP2: Leave the child playing with toys with doctor and nurse. Parents should be relaxed and not talk about teeth immediately to avoid giving the child an impression that teeth examination is very serious and horrible.
Mom’s encouragement:Baby, are you happy to play toys with uncle doctor? He’ll take you to have a seat in the bubble chair later on.
STEP3: In the condition that baby has agreed, take him to sit in the dental chair and attract baby’s attention by toys or show him the chair’s function of ascending and descending. Doctors could show the dental tools to baby and allow him to touch them (notice for disinfection) in order to eliminate baby’s fear towards the cold tools.
Mom’s encouragement:This chair is even movable. Is it like a carousel? There is cotton inside the little box. Uncle Doctor would give you one. Do you want it?
STEP 4: When baby has got familiar with doctor and nurse, it’s ok to get into the examination process and lead the baby to open the mouth to cooperate.
Mom’s encouragement:Let the Uncle Doctor see if there is any little worm inside your teeth. Open the mouth and allow uncle to have a look with the little mirror.
STEP5: After checking the oral cavity, ask the dentist to explain the process of examination and treatment. Persuade the baby by simple reasons and ask for understanding and cooperation from the baby. Mom should also take part in the process and express her attention and interest.  

Mom’s encouragement:Wow, Uncle Doctor could make baby’s teeth much whiter. Shall we ask uncle doctor to check your teeth regularly in future?
STEP6: After the treatment, ask the baby to remain seated in the chair for a while and playing toys to eliminate the stress of treatment. Mom could talk about the examination process with baby or chat with doctor and nurse to make the atmosphere more casual.
Mom’s encouragement:Baby, you are so good today! Auntie Nurse gives you a little spoon with mirror as a prize.

Don’t take children to the dentist after their teeth have already been painful. This would give them an impression to connect pain with dentist directly and have a fear towards dentist even in a lifetime. However, if parents could establish babies’ trust towards the dentist in an earlier time, babies could endure the pain in some extent and would perform unexpectable well.

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