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1. Network administrated appointment schedules and visible patient electric dental file.
2. Digital radiography enhances diagnostic ability Kodak  film less digital radiography images appearing chair side in minutes.

3. Using a miniature Intra-oral camera help us gather and save important data about your dental health, this high-tech device lets us follow visually the condition of your mouth to help diagnose disease early and determine treatments before problems develop. It lets us compare conditions over a period of time.
4. Qualified dentists with a rich experience in dentistry can give your full oral examination and diagnosis; your current oral condition or problem(s) can be stated and explained in easy-understanding words.

5. A skillful dental team and standard 4 hands operation.
6. Professional consultants indicate the correct method of keeping oral hygiene.
7. Present treatment plan and necessary dentistry claim form.


1.Mr. A:“I brush my teeth carefully everyday, and I have no periodontal diseases. So I don’t need to go to see a dentist to do the teeth cleaning.”
Many people don’t know the importance of teeth cleaning. No matter how hard you brush your teeth, there are corners left. Those corners will be the formation of calculu after a period of time. This is especially the case for people with untidy teeth or a habit of smoking or drinking tea. Once formed, calculus can not be brushed off, but becomes places for bacteria accumulation which eventually causes periodontal diseases. Chronical periodontal diseases affect people’s health. In protecting periodontal tissue health, teeth cleaning is a critical step, just as you see how important it is to brush teeth everyday.

It’s needful to have teeth cleaning at least once a year. For people who tend to develop calculus or have periodontal diseases, the best protective measure is to have periodical teeth cleaning every half year, or even every three months.

2.Mr. B:“Teeth cleaning will get teeth loose”
Not a few people hold this opinion. Feeling loose after a teeth cleaning is more reported by patients with bigger calculus problems. But of the fact teeth cleaning is not the cause for looseness. The complainers usually have quite severe periodontal diseases. Their teeth have been already loose due to alveolar resorption and periodontal tissue damages. Often the looseness is not sensed because the existing calculus offers “splint effect” in temporarily steadying the teeth. Removing calculus can leave some teeth “isolated” thus loose. To eliminate the cause of loose teeth, teeth cleaning must be the first step, while following-up treatment should be given for the problem. Without teeth cleaning, people are exposed to great chance of teeth loosening or even teeth loss.

3.Mr. C:“It hurts after teeth cleaning”
Normally there are two types of aches during or after a teeth cleaning. One is feeling sore during the operation. Calculus is usually located around gum margin and cervix. Cervix bone is relatively thin and near to the nerves. Thus cleaning around cervix can cause a little sore, but it’s normal, and everyone feels it differently. The other type of ache is being sensitive to cold or hot in a short period after teeth cleaning. The reason is: before cleaning, existing calculus blocks off outside stimuli; after cleaning, through channels within teeth structure some stimuli can be sensed by teeth nerves or cause allergy symptoms. But those are temporary symptoms. They will disappear within a few days or couple of weeks.

4.Mr.D:“Teeth cleaning damages teeth”
It is not necessary to worry about. The tiny head of an ultrasonic teeth cleaning machine has no cutting functions. If operates properly, it should cause no damages. Only when pressing on teeth or staying on one spot too long, it might leave a slightly scratch on the teeth surface. After cleaning, to prevent dark pigments or new calculus on possible non-smooth areas, normally polishing is needed. Be sure safe procedures are highly guaranteed when choosing a licensed dentist for teeth cleaning,

5.Mr.E:“Teeth cleaning damages teeth”
The amount of bleeding depends on the condition of patients’dental inflammation. Bleeding during teeth cleaning is similar as bleeding during brushing teeth. We can not quit teeth brushing or teeth cleaning to avoid bleeding, but by carefully doing them we can effectively prevent dental inflammation. Bleeding will be abated after inflammation is under control or subdued. So when people felt “bleeding much”, actually what they saw was the whole mixture of water for teeth cleaning, saliva and with some blood.


6.Mr.F:“It will widen slits between teeth and cause teeth becoming longer”
This opinion really turns many people off from teeth cleaning. We know formed calculus and gum inflammation can cause swollen in slits between teeth. After a teeth cleaning, calculus is removed, gum swollen reduced, slits uncovered, so one can better sense the shape of he/her teeth by tongue. Some thus feel their teeth become “longer”, but that is just how they suppose to feel if without calculus and gum inflammations. You can be sure that teeth cleaning in no way will cause teeth becoming “longer”.


7.Mr.G:“It is easy to get infected during teeth cleaning”
This issue is mostly mentioned by people. Our recommendation is: choosing licensed professional clinic and dentist. Standard medical operation procedures and strict appliance disinfection can prevent from being infected during teeth cleaning.

8.Mr.H:“Teeth cleaning is only for cosmetic purpose”
“Teeth cleaning” is an informal saying. The professional terminology in oral medicine for it is “ultrasonic scaling”. Teeth cleaning is not merely to help you having better looking teeth. It’s the first step of the strict medical procedure required by periodontal diseases treatment. Only well trained professional dentists with proper operation can reduce the discomfort during teeth cleaning and prevent possibilities of cross infections.


After reading through these explanations, do you feel better about teeth cleaning now? We invite you to take action promptly, for we sincerely wish to ensure your teeth and periodontal health. Welcome to Huajie Dental. You can count on us for a good dental health.

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